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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let The Miracles Speak The Truth!

“He who saw it has borne witness, his testimony is true, and he knows that he tells the truth, in order that you may believe.” (Jn. 19:35)

Naju, Korea – This Eucharistic miracle, which challenged all scientific explanations, happened in Naju, Korea, between May 1988 and October 1996. When Julia Kim a devote woman received the Holy Eucharist, immediately it changed into visible flesh and blood in the form of a heart. Thousands witnessed this miracle as it repeated many times in her life. Pope John Paul II  witnessed this great miracle during a mass in his private chapel on October 31, 1995, in Vatican. 

Blood from the Holy Host! – This Eucharistic miracle happened in Rome during the mass celebrated by Bishop Claudio Gatti on 11th of June 2000, feast of Pentecost. He says: “While I was celebrating the mass, as soon as I finished saying the wording of the consecration of the bread, blood began to come out from my host. Time stopped for me. I was bending over the host that I was holding tightly in my hands and I was gazing at the divine blood that was spreading on a great part of its surface…I passed between the pews of the church so that the people present could see them closely. When I did the ‘fraction of bread’ the blood kept on dropping before the eyes of the present people…”


Bleeding Host! – This miracle happened in 1247 when a woman of Santarem after receiving Holy Host, took it home for black magic. She placed the Host in her handkerchief. The Host started to bleed profusely. Rays of bright light came from the trunk. Many people witnessed it. They called the parish priest and the Host was taken back to the church.


Kerala, India  - This miracle that is videographed and witnessed by thousands, happened in Kerala, a state of India, in 1999. When Rani Kanjikode, a devotee of Blessed Mother, received Holy Communion in her parish church, it was changed into real flesh and blood. Three times this miracle happened in different occasions. All of them were witnessed by priests, doctors, and even unbelievers. This photo was taken when the miracle occurred in a huge Catholic convention. Archbishop of Trichur, Kerala, Dr. Jacob Thoonkuzy D.D., was the main celebrant. While 500,000 people were witnessing, the Host started to bleed. She was asked to come to the stage and it was shown to all those who were there.

Miracle of Lanciano – This great and most famous miracle of the Catholic Church happened in Lanciano, Italy 700 A.D. A priest, who disbelieved in the real presence of Jesus in Eucharist, was offering mass in St. Legontian Church. At the time of consecration, when he pronounced ‘this is my body…this is my blood,’ the host and wine visibly turned into flesh and blood. The priest and those who were attending the mass, started to cry for mercy. The church authorities and the Vatican ordered scientific studies about it in 1574, 1637, 1770, and in 1886. In 1970-71, rigoruous scientific analysis conducted by a team of world famous pathologists and doctors headed by Dr. Odorardo Linoli, proved it as (1) The blood is real blood and the flesh is real flesh of human species; (2) The flesh consists of muscular tissue of myocardium (heart tissue); (3) The blood type is identical in the blood and in the flesh, type AB; (4) No materials or agents used for preservation of it, which are left in their original state for 12 centuries. Still it remains an unexplainable phenomenon for scientists.


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